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Hersha has developed and implemented a unique program dedicated to Sustainable Hospitality. That initiative, EarthView®, is quickly becoming the industry standard for fully integrated environmental and community policies that make sustainable hospitality a genuine reality. EarthView delivers environmental and conservation programs that positively impact a hotel operation's bottom line while simultaneously improving the well-being of our guests, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

Our Philosophy: The Hersha Group embraces environmental and community stewardship as an integral part of maintaining and building a successful business. For that reason, we created and branded the EarthView program with a cross-functional team from our properties and our corporate offices. It is our vision to see the EarthView program evolve into a forum in which new concepts for sustainable hospitality are cultivated.

Our Approach: The EarthView program aims to promote our business through triple bottom line accountability. According to the triple bottom line, the success of our company rests not only on our financial success but also on our contributions to our environment and community. We are applying the same analytical approach we use to measure our financial success to measure our environmental and community impact.

Our Strategy: The EarthView program complements Hersha's larger business strategy and ensures that as environmental and social initiatives move from electives to mandates, that Hersha is competitively positioned to meet and exceed those requirements. The EarthView program will strengthen Hersha's position as an industry leader, and will provide a competitive advantage moving forward.

Our Mission: Hersha Hospitality is committed to implementing sustainable and innovative practices that will benefit the environment, our local & global communities, and the performance of our business.

EarthView® has helped place Hersha in the top 4% of participants of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) in 2017. Over 820 participants across all real estate asset classes contributed to this year’s survey, which is utilized by institutional investors to evaluate the sustainability performance of their investment portfolios. To request a copy of Hersha's most recent GRESB Report, please email

Hersha has partnered with Clean the World to provide life-saving soap to communities around the world. Additionally, through the sale of EarthView water, Hersha provides support for clean water programs around the world. To learn more about EarthView's environmental social, and governance (ESG) impact, please read the most recent EarthView Annual Report.

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